New QR translator brings artificial intelligence to packaging, authorities and museums

Munich/Pastetten, December 12th, 2022 – QR codes are now known to almost everyone due to the corona pandemic. With the QR-Translator there is now a new online tool ( ) with which the QR codes can be displayed in
other languages on the basis of artificial intelligence.

The tool was released on December 12, 2022 by Alpha11 GmbH, based near Munich.

Enable multilingual product packaging

Product packaging can be stored in many other languages with the help of the QR translator. There is usually not enough space on the packaging or information is printed in microprint that many people can hardly read. A space of 1x1cm
is sufficient for the QR code of the QR translator to be able to read the information from the smartphone. After scanning the QR code, the languages translated by the artificial intelligence are displayed on the smartphone in easily
legible writing in over 27 languages.

The application recognizes the national language set on the smartphone and immediately displays the content in the appropriate language on the mobile phone. If a language is not included, the information is displayed in the world language
English as standard.

Make exhibits in museums available in multiple languages

The QR translator QR code can of course also be used on many other levels. In this way, exhibits in the museum can be automatically stored in many other languages with the help of the attached QR code. In Germany alone there are
over 30 million tourists a year who can look forward to reading the information from the museum in their own language.

Use by authorities

The QR codes can also help visitors to read the information in their own language in the authorities, offices, hospitals, district offices and town halls. Simply print out or stick on the QR codes at important points such as entrances,
information signs or on forms, and the information is already available in many other languages and can be read by smartphone.

In the past, the company Alpha11 has brought many products related to digitization onto the market, such as the signature tool WhatsSign in 2018, with which PDF documents can be signed on the cell phone.

How did the idea for the QR translator come about?

The idea for the QR translator came to managing director Klaus Hamal in the summer of 2022, when he visited the Munich town hall tower with visitors from the Czech Republic and information was only available in German there. The managing
director is busy every day as a distributor of app2get, the digital menu that works with table QR codes for the catering industry to enable guests to order via smartphone. So he came up with the idea of developing a QR translator
here so that visitors can read information in their own language. The company has had an enormous amount of know-how about QR codes for years, so that the development of the idea of the QR translator could be tackled quickly.

Artificial intelligence supports 27 languages

The QR-Translator system provides information in 27 languages. The following languages are currently supported: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Bulgarian,
Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Swedish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian and Hungarian.

Inexpensive cost of use

The costs for using the QR translator start at just 5 euros net per month per QR code. Minimum purchase is 20 QR codes per account. The service includes the use of artificial intelligence and the storage of a permanent permalink of
the translations. There is also a usage-based fee, which is tiered according to the frequency with which the QR code is used. For every 100,000 views, a net usage fee of 10 euros is added. The fee applies when the 100,000 views are

Information at or by e-mail to or by telephone on 08124-4441350 (outside Germany on +49-8124-4441350)

About Alpha11 GmbH
The company, based in 85669 Pastetten near Munich, was founded in 1999 by Klaus Hamal. The company develops and sells special solutions for the POS sector for retail, logistics, gastronomy, hotels
and in the medical sector. Alpha11 looks after around 1,500 companies in the B2B sector and works with around 80 dealers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

About Klaus Hamal

The managing director and founder, Klaus Hamal (born in 1965), is a business economist (HWK), master information electronics technician and voluntary IHK examiner for IT professions at the IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria. At the
same time, he is also a trainer for IT specialists in his company.

Klaus Hamal (born 1965) is the founder and managing director of Alpha11 GmbH.

The idea for the QR translator came to him in the summer of 2022.

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