QR-Translator QR codes make it easier to deal with patients who speak a foreign language


Explanation of the amnestic questionnaire with attached QR translator QR code. Patients can read the explanation in 27 languages

Only the German content has to be created, the rest is done automatically using artificial intelligence

Intelligent QR code makes it easier to deal with foreign-language patients

A new, intelligent QR code based on artificial intelligence makes communication with foreign-language patients easier.

Whether anamnesis form, patient admission, treatment plans, information signs, visitor information or opening times. Everywhere the new QR code helps to be able to read the information in other languages.

The QR translator uses artificial intelligence to automatically translate the stored German information into 27 languages. The translation quality is up to 5x better than, for example, from Google Translator. In addition, the translated texts can also be added manually.

In addition to the texts, an image or a PDF document can also be stored for the patients. The intelligent QR code generated is simply printed out on the document or applied as a sticker in the practice or clinic.

As soon as the QR code is scanned, it automatically recognizes the language set on the patient’s smartphone and immediately displays the content in his or her language. English is stored as the backup language if the language cannot be determined.

In this way, the foreign or foreign-language patient can understand the information more easily, understand treatment plans better or answer the questionnaires. The success of treatment in foreign-language patients can therefore also depend on whether a medication is understood or not.

The new intelligent QR code is very cheap. Only 5 euros per month costs the use of artificial intelligence per QR translator QR code.

The minimum purchase is 10 pieces for medical practices and 20 pieces for clinics. With an annual payment there is a discount of 20%.

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