Around 22 million people with foreign roots live in Germany alone. Manufacturers can now print the intelligent QR code from QR-Translator on the product packaging and make it available with additional information in 27 languages.

Instead of microwriting, a lot of additional information can be stored in any Language and translated with high translation quality in minutes using artificial intelligence.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is up to 5x better than, for example, with Google Translator.

Mehrsprachige Verpackungen in 27 Sprachen - Multilingual Packaging QR-Translator QR-Code

Read product packaging in your own language. Once the intelligent QR code has been applied, the product information, ingredients or marketing information is available in 27 languages.


Directions for authorities, entrances, labels.

Store information in all European and many international languages ​​in the offices via QR code and have it automatically translated.

Due to the corona pandemic, everyone now knows how a QR code works. With the QR translator, it is now also available in 27 languages ​​for use in authorities, town halls, immigration authorities, district offices and much more.

Arbeit in Ämtern und Rathäusern mit ausländischen Bürgern erleichtern. QR-Translator mit intelligentem QR-Code in 27 Sprachen

As simple as never before. Authorities can now provide information in 27 languages ​​at important points in the town hall etc. with the help of the intelligent QR code.


With our AI-QR-codes, descriptions of exhibits in museums are automatically translated into 27 languages.

Finally provide information via QR code in 27 languages ​​in museums and attractions with simple steps.

Ideal for exhibits in museums, explanations about the works of art in different languages.

Exhibition centers can also automatically provide their customers with information via the QR translator.

QR-Translator QR-Code Darstellung mehrsprachig multilingual

Thousands of exhibits in museums are waiting for intelligent labeling.

Neural networks make it possible

The technology used by QR-Translator is based on neural networks with artificial intelligence. This allows up to 5x more accurate translations than, for example, with Google Translator, as independent tests have shown.

However, no translator is perfect yet. That is why we have also integrated a manual correction option into the QR-Translator in order to put the finishing touches to the translation by native speakers.

Made in Germany

QR-Translator is hosted entirely in Germany. According to the specifications of the European data protection regulations in terms of DSGVO.

Finally, it says that European customer data may only be stored on European servers. Alpha11 has implemented this completely with the QR-Translator according to GDPR specifications.

The translations themselves are made available via 256-bit encrypted SSL access. The protection of your data is therefore at a very high level.

5.2 petaflops base calculation

The translations are based on neural networks via artificial intelligence.

Servers from Iceland with a performance of 5.1 petaflops were used to teach the vocabularies. Petaflop is a performance specification of computers (floating point operations per second).

A powerful Intel i7 PC has roughly the performance of 33 gigaflops (33 billion per second). Petaflops, on the other hand, are 1 quadrillion calculations per second.

With the server from Iceland, 5.1 trillion calculations per second were made in order to learn the vocabularies of the 27 languages ​​optimally. That’s as many as 154,000 powerful INTEL i7 computers.

High-tech – but easy to use

What good is the best software if it overwhelms the user? – In our opinion it is better that the functions run in the background and the user has an easy-to-use interface that he enjoys using.

QR-Translator was developed according to the KISS principle.

KiSS stands for “Keep it simple and smart”. Loosely translated as “Make it simple and easy to use”. This is a general principle that we at Alpha11 have been following since 1999.

QR codes are known everywhere

The corona pandemic has at least done one thing. People all over the world now know what a QR code is. This technology is becoming more and more popular in many areas.

Extremely simple operation, no download, just scan the QR code with the camera function or an app on your smartphone – the information is already visible.

With the help of the QR translator, only the source text is stored and is immediately available later in 27 national languages. That is pure international understanding.

QR-Translator automates translations in 27

represent different languages

The following translations are currently available:

German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Bulgarian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Swedish, Slovak, Slovenian, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian
and Hungarian.

Inquire now

We would be happy to advise you in detail about the areas of application of the QR translator.

We can also conduct a live demo of the system via Zoom or Teamviewer.

Just get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you via email, phone call or use our contact form.

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