Multilinguale QR-Codes für TV-Werbung Fernsehwerbung und Plakaten

TV advertising with multilingual QR codes

QR codes are also increasingly found in marketing. No matter whether posters or in TV television advertising. Thanks to the pandemic, they have finally arrived at the consumer and are now used regularly. Every smartphone user knows

Better with multilingual QR codes from QR-Translator

However, the QR codes are even better if the marketing information is stored via our QR translator. Then the potential buyers can read the information in their own language.

27 languages are available via the QR translator thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. As soon as the QR code has been scanned by the foreign smartphone, the information automatically switches to the appropriate country language.

So customers feel perfectly addressed when the information is right in their own language. No matter Turkish, Italian, Ukrainian or other languages.

Of course, customers understand the information in their own language much better.

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If you want to use multilingual QR codes in TV advertising, please contact
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